We custom make holsters to fit your needs and wants. All done while you supervise the whole process in store. You can also order online with us. Most orders processed before 2pm central time will ship same day. Average delivery time is 3-10 business days. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (816)255-9516.


We sell Black Rifle Coffee

We are a dealer for your Black Rifle Coffee needs!

We carry their apparel coffee and you get to enjoy it before you buy it! All for the same price you find it on the company website.

(We do not sell this product online. In store only.)



Hunting Rifles

We carry a wide variety of calibers and rifles online and in store. Hunting has been passed down for generations and should be complimented with the correct equipment and firearm.

Sport firearms

WE SELL AR'S AND AK STYLE FIREARMS! Assault rifle is a term coined by those who wish to limit the second amendment. Assault is a term meaning to do harm. If you are looking for a weapon to assault someone, not for defense or recreation, please seek help from a licensed doctor.


We carry a variety of calibers in self-defense and target ammo. We are an exclusive FORT SCOTT MUNITIONS dealer.


  We carry almost every make and model of Semi-auto Pistols and revolvers in-store and for order. We are signed up for many programs such as "Glock Stocking Dealer" and much more.


*Concealed Carry

*Beginners Pistol

*Ladies Self Defense

*Youth Firearms Safety


*Beginners Carbine

*Ladies Beginner Pistol 

NFA Items

We carry NFA items such as short barrel shotguns and rifles, suppressors, and other distructive devises.

Custom Holsters

We make custom holsters for inside and out the waistband made to fit the customers needs.


in store inventory

This does not reflect our on hand inventory 100% to the minute.
However we do our best to keep it as updated as posible.

Click "Shop Online" for our full veiw online inventory.


About Us

We started Hughes Defense in 2019, and since our first day in business we’ve been bringing the best selection of products and merchandise to our customers. Our name has become synonymous with quality throughout the entire Kansas City area. We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic items along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit your budget. Our staff have almost a century of experience between them all.



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We are an official partner of USCCA. We help you to carry comfortably.

Handgun and  Ammunition

Transfers starting at $10

In addition to this process, all state and federal laws shall be followed,
Please, before transferring any firearm check prices and availability at


Face to face private transfers $10

If you are conducting a private transfer with another individual without an FFL, you may use us for the transfer. Both parties must be present in our store at the same time. We offer this to provide you with paperwork and offer a safe way to do transfers.

Transfers from other dealers $18 or $25

You as the receiving individual:
1.Make payment arrangements with the transferring dealer.
2.Email us at hdsfirearms@gmail.com the following
*Your name and phone number
*Transferring dealer email
*Firearm (Make, Model and Caliber)
*Order or customer number if there is one
3.Once firearm is received and you have been notified bring in transfer payment.
4.You must fill out a 4473 and receive a reply of proceed or open to leave with firearm.
Hughes Defense as the receiving dealer:

1.Once we receive your email with the proper information, we will email the transferring dealer
our FFL and shipping info. (Customer can not have our FFL)

2.Once firearm is received, Hughes Defense will notify you of delivery and when you

may pick up during business hours.

            *Note: Hughes Defense will notify you of when you may pick up. Transfers may be picked up after 4PM CT unless you are  otherwise informed by a rep. Even though your tracking number shows arrived, this does not mean the firearm has been processed.

Private face to face transfers are $10. Both parties must be present at the time of transfer. Neither party can have an FFL. Store front (Store visit) transfers are $18. A store front transfer is when a customer physically visits the store font and needs to transfer to their residential state. We commonly do this with Kansas dealers. Impersonal (Online or over the phone) transfers are $25 from any dealer other than Hughes Defense. This is anytime time a firearm is transferred without visiting the store. For NFA transfers please call us at (816)255-9516.

If you choose not to use cash there will be a convenience fee of $4. This is to be collected before a 4473 is filled out. If we have to retrieve proper contact info (email, fax, ect.) by any means other via your email to us, there will be a $2 charge. This includes us calling the transferring dealer or retrieving it via search of their website. You will have 12 business days (2 weeks) to pick up your firearm upon arrival. This includes day of arrival. After the 12 days a $2 per day storage fee will be applied per day firearm is not collected going back to the day the firearms arrived. If a delay on 4473 is given the customer will not be charged the storage fee for the days delayed. However once a proceed or open is given the customer will have 3 business days to return for the firearm before a store fee of $2 will occur. Hughes Defense is not responsible for shipping or any warranty work needed. Transfers do not qualify for a free gun cleaning from Hughes Defense. Hughes Defense does not transfer firearms not purchased from Hughes Defense to other stores. This includes individual transfers and shipping for repairs. All issues with transferred firearms should be taken up with transferring dealer.



Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

"Gavin and the Pew Pew Palace crew are the best! Always helpful. I don’t feel stupid for asking questions. My holster is fabulous!! You can order ammo through the website and pick it up at the shop. They give back to the community. Top notch!! Support local! Support Hughes Defense!!"

Teresa Allen

"This is the best gun shop around. I've shopped at several throughout my years and have to recommend this store to anyone interested in firearms and accessories. Keep up the great work and thanks for helping our kids as you move forward with building your shop."

Craig Wilkins

"What else can be said except honesty, integrity, professional and knowledge. These guys (and ladies) are very customer oriented! The new shop is top notch, spacious, clean and stocked! Can’t wait to drop in again!"

Brian Bradley

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